Pledge to tackle muddy misery

Crompton Walk in Buckshaw Village that has been flooded.
Crompton Walk in Buckshaw Village that has been flooded.

People living in Buckshaw Village say they are forced to trudge through dirty mud and rainwater to reach the shops and amenities everytime it rains.

Residents are furious that nothing has been done to resolve the issue of flooding on one of the area’s most widely-used footpaths.

Crompton Walk, which runs past properties towards Tesco, Trinity Primary School and the community centre, is constantly covered with puddles when it rains.

Now one councillor has called on developers Redrow Homes and Barratt Homes to sort the problem out.

Coun Mark Perks said: “A lot of people use the footpath, and they keep complaining to me about the floods, but I have no powers to fix it.

“Teenagers go to youth sessions in the community centre and they have to walk through all the mud on the path, so it gets dragged into the building.

“When it’s flooded properly though, it’s impossible to walk down, and people have to go a long way round on the roads.

“It takes about three times longer then.”

Coun Perks first raised the issue a year ago, and said that the developers promised to resolve the problem in time for the summer.

He said: “Nothing has been done yet, and even though it’s July, we’ve been having some really bad downpours, so it’s building up again.

“More people are using the footpath now than when I first mentioned it, because the school’s opened and more people are moving to the area.

“It’s frustrating and it’s not fair on residents. It seems like there’s a lot of emphasis on building all the big things in Buckshaw Village to get people in, like the school and houses, and then the minor details which affect people’s day-to-day lives are forgotten.

“Nobody wants to be blocked off from the community.”

A spokesman for developers Redrow Homes and Barratt Homes said: “We have been to the site to assess the section of the footpath which has experienced some localised flooding.

“We will be carrying out remedial works to alleviate the flooding at the earliest opportunity; we would expect the works to be completed in just over a week.”

The footpath will be closed during the works, and diversion signs will be put in place.