Police send Christmas cards to criminals

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Leyland police are sending Christmas cards to criminals this year to warn them against committing crime during the festive season.

The novelty idea, which was formed as part of a new crime prevention campaign, means that all known offenders in Leyland and South Ribble will get a not-so-festive message through their letters boxes this December.

The specially-designed cards will be posted to known shop lifters, car crime offenders and high risk domestic abuse offenders, warning them that the police are committed to reducing crime and will take action against them.

The campaign, called Bah Humbug, also aims to send out a positive message to law-abiding residents, giving advice on how people can keep themselves and their possessions safe and make it more difficult for crimes to be committed.

It carries the strap line ‘Spoiling Christmas for criminals’ and focuses on pick pocketing, car crime, and burglary. A range of materials have been developed for use during December, such as Jingle Bells, which will be handed out to shoppers to attach to their bags, wallets or purses.

They are designed to alert shoppers to any would-be shop lifters targeting them.

In a bid to increase awareness and spread the key crime prevention messages, posters will also be placed in prominent public places, including shops and around town centres and retail parks.