First Green MEP for North West takes seat in EU Parliament

Gina Dowding, Green MEP for North West England
Gina Dowding, Green MEP for North West England

The first ever Green MEP for North West England has officially taken her seat in the EU Parliament this week, during the opening session of the new term in Strasbourg.

The Green Party saw a significant vote increase across the country since the 2014 European Elections, gaining seven MEPs in May 2019, with Gina Dowding representing the North West.

She has been a Lancashire County Councillor for 14 years, her constituency is in Lancaster.

She said: "I am delighted to represent the North West as part of a large European Green group in Parliament, to work hard on what we hope to achieve during our time here.

"From tackling climate change, inequality, social justice and transparency – we want to make sure that the European Parliament is a place that is fit for purpose and really works for everyone across Europe, to embark on some of the most pressing issues of our time.”

“For however long I am in the European Parliament, I want to use every opportunity within it for change.

"I also want to keep people in the North West informed about what I am doing, and to communicate why I think European Parliament is a force for good in challenging these key issues."