Pop-up waste site is back

The site of the proposed temporary waste centre on Centurion Way
The site of the proposed temporary waste centre on Centurion Way

Plans for a temporary waste site in Farington have made an unexpected comeback.

Lancashire County Council submitted an application to use a site on Centurion Way until March next year, while the household waste centre on Flensburg way is shut for around six months.

The original site is getting an upgrade and extension, and closed on Sunday, meaning people will now have to travel to Chorley or Preston to recycle their waste.

But the plans for a temporary site by LCC were withdrawn after just one week earlier this month, without explanation.

Now, they have been re-submitted, but only to last until the end of December.

It will be smaller than the original waste site, with fewer skips, no asbestos facility, and no chemicals and waste oils.

A statement in the planning documents says residents will still be encouraged to visit Ingol and Chorley for a full range of services.

There are no changes planned for the current building at unit 12, Centurion Way, and there will only be space for eight cars.

It was previously used as an industrial unit with workshops and offices, but has been out of use since August 2009.

It is proposed that if the waste site is opened, there will be five full-time members of staff, and two part-time employees.

It will be open from 7.30am until 7.30pm, seven days a week.

LCC declined to comment on the application.