Popular butty van returns after devastating blaze

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A butty van that was gutted in a fire before Christmas will be back up and running again this week for the first time since the crippling incident.

The van suffered an electrical fault and was severely damaged by the blaze it caused.

Its devastated operator Col Maloney was left in tears when his beloved business literally went up in smoke.

But he was deeply touched by the kindness of others who rallied round with offers of help to get him working again.

The van, which can be found at the landmark ‘tank’ roundabout at the junction at Flensburg Way and Penwortham Way, Farington, will relaunch this Friday.

Col said: “The community has just been amazing.

“One of my friends launched a ‘gofundme’ page and that reached its target within four days. That allowed me to do a bit more on the van.

“I know the fire itself had a negative affect on me, but I very quickly turned that negativity round to a very positive train of thought, knowing I’ve got a lot of customers wanting me back so madly.

“That shows on my Facebook page.

“With me being a biker, I had a lot of support from the motorcycle community.”

He added: “It was bad over Christmas.

“It did have a massive negative effect on my family, but I said there’s nothing we can do about it right now.

“The only thing we can do is try and enjoy our Christmas as best as possible.

“My suppliers have been amazing.

“My bread and butcher, they have been so supportive.”

Originally from Bolton, Col, 48, lives with his wife Miriam and son Larry, four, off Slater Lane, Leyland.

He said he wants the relaunch to be special for his supporters.

“I want them there,” he said.

“I want to say thank you, I want to thank them personally.”

The van will return better with some tasty new meals.

He went on: “I’ve been at home testing out new menus, putting feelers out asking them what they would like on Facebook.

“The common theme that came out is a lot of people would like to see chilli.

“I’ve been experimenting at home.

“My wife and children are loving it - they’ve been so supportive as well.”