Proposals for more investment in Leyland

Worden Park is to get more money for improvements. This year, the courtyards by the Arts and Crafts Centre have been resurfaced to create a more open space
Worden Park is to get more money for improvements. This year, the courtyards by the Arts and Crafts Centre have been resurfaced to create a more open space

Investments in Worden Park, community safety, leisure facilities and the council’s Leyland offices are all planned for the next year.

Announcing budget plans for the next financial year, South Ribble Council has continued its promise to invest £100,000 in parks and open spaces for a four-year period.

In Worden Park, this means spending £55,000 on a refurbishment of the Brewhouse in the Arts and Crafts Centre this year, £80,000 on a refurbishment of the vine house and walled garden in 2015/16, £150,000 to replace the conservatory the following year, and £55,000 for an infrastructure upgrade of the Worden Craft Units, in 2016/17.

Last year, the council said it planned to fork out £290,000 on Leyland town centre improvements in 2014/15, but this work has been pushed back to next year.

Now, £190,000 is expected to help regenerate the town in 2015/16, and the remaining £100,000 will be used in 2016/17.

Council leader Margaret Smith said this was because the work needs to be ‘phased’ and other areas of South Ribble need more urgent attention.

Longton will be the only parish to receive a major cash boost in 2014/15, with £90,000 being set aside for village


The council will also continue to support community safety services, such as CCTV cameras, Police Community Support Officers (£44,000 for four PSCOs), and domestic violence support services (£9,000 per annum for three years).

The council’s Civic Centre offices in West Paddock will also see more money ploughed into improvements over the next few years.

Around £420,000 was spent on improvement works this year, including new windows, and a further £243,000 will be spent in the next financial year, on new lifts, a kitchen refurbishment and a suite refurbishment.

Another £50,000 is set aside for toilet refurbishments in 2015/16, another £50,000 to resurface the car park the following year, and £100,000 is expected to be spent on another suite refurbishment in 2017/18.

The council had anticipated spending around £112,000 on mayoral and civic expenses this year, but only spent £75,000, which is the amount earmarked for next year too.

However, more was spent on members’ expenses and support than originally thought, up from £219,000 to £377,000. The council forecasts spending a similar amount in 2014/15.

Leyland’s My Neighbourhood Forum received £18,000 in funding in 2013/14, but this is set to reduce to just £8,000 per annum for the next four years, with more money expected to be generated from new housing developments in the area, in section 106


Around £146,000 was spent on Leyland Leisure Centre, with similar amounts earmarked for the next four years, and the South Ribble Museum and Exhibition Centre in Leyland will get around £88,000, as it did this year.

The council has also pledged to support the development of the Moss Side sports facilities with a one-off £28,000 cash boost in 2014/15, and £35,000 will be spent on making improvements at Farington Park.