Readers' letters: 'Tory future is working longer for less money'

A correspondent writes about raising the pension age
A correspondent writes about raising the pension age

Re: Increasing the pension age.

Iain Duncan Smith chairs the Centre for Social Justice and this work till you drop proposal will be bitterly familiar to disabled and chronically ill people up and down the country.

He was, after all, the Work and Pensions Secretary who imposed a fit-for-work regime that imposed humiliation and misery on tens of thousands, while being so irresponsibly run that more than half its rulings taken to tribunal were overturned as unfair.

It is difficult to justify continuing to raise the pension age when statistics showed earlier this year that life expectancy in Britain has now started to fall.

The CSJ proposal may not be Tory policy yet, though, as with its previous brainchild, universal credit,it may only be a matter of time.

But it exposes the flog a dead horse attitude that pervades a party representing the tiny elite who preside over Britain’s rigged society, rather than the mass of ordinary people whose lives are getting harder and poorer every year.

It should not be an excuse to insist that we can no longer afford to retire at a reasonable age and enjoy a decent income in retirement.

Britain’s state pension is already measly compared with most of our neighbours. Yet Britain’s richest get richer every year.

A Tory future is one in which we work longer for lower pay while public services wither and we poison our environment.

Labour talk about reducing the working week, raising pay and improving public services for everyone.

Royston Jones