Red card shown to bad motorists

ANGRY: Residents are frustrated about people parking on path
ANGRY: Residents are frustrated about people parking on path

Footballers in Leyland have been shown the red card by South Ribble Council for parking on a popular street.

For years, residents on Parkgate Drive have struggled to get out of their properties at weekends because of cars lining the footpaths while action takes place on Worden Park pitches.

Now, the neighbourhood services team at the council has put letters on cars telling drivers to park elsewhere.

It says that footballers had caused ‘considerable disruption to residents and should this practice continue the council may have to review the provision of pitches on Worden Park’.

Council bosses say it does not mean teams will be kicked off the pitches.

However, it could be taken into consideration when the teams apply to hire a field.

They also insist that as a worst case scenario, clauses could be put in the contracts to stop them parking on the street.

One of the Parkgate Drive residents, Roy Rawcliffe, has welcomed the move.

He said: “It is good that South Ribble neighbourhood services team for supporting the police in trying to stop the anti-social parking of footballers and their supporters.

“We have had to deal with motorists that have no consideration for us or other park users.”

Coun Jim Hothersall, cabinet member with responsibility for neighbourhoods and street scene, said: “We received a number of complaints about inconsiderate parking at Parkgate Drive, Leyland, during weekend football matches at Worden Park.

“In an attempt to resolve the issue we sent Neighbourhood Officers to the park during a football game. They spoke to a number of motorists and put notes on some car windshields asking for them to park on the main car park in future, but unfortunately the situation still remains a problem.

“There are currently no parking restrictions on Parkgate Drive, so legally motorists can park wherever they like. But these motorists are being very inconsiderate to the residents and is both anti-social and unacceptable.

“We will continue to work with the football leagues to try to change the appalling attitude. “If all else fails we will have no alternative but to ask the police to become involved because these motorists are not just causing an obstruction, they are also damaging property.”