Red light at night at Rivington Pike

Rivington Pike in red, photographed by Andrea Warburton
Rivington Pike in red, photographed by Andrea Warburton

Rivington Pike became even more prominent last night when it was turned red.

It is being lit from 5pm to 9pm for two weeks as part of a new campaign to put Chorley on the map.

Chorley Council is turning it red to show people where Chorley is and encourage businesses to invest in the borough.

And it certainly got the attention of people across Chorley and Lancashire, with many people taking photographs of it.

The project has also led to people taking to social media to question whether Rivington Pike is in Chorley or Bolton.

On Twitter, David Houghton ‏said: “Woah since when is Rivington Pike known as Chorley?!?!”

And Andrew Thomasson said: “Chorley claiming Rivington Pike, what has the world come to?”

But Coun Alistair Bradley, leader of Chorley Council, said this was the kind of debate he hoped would be started by lighting Rivington Pike.

He said: “Lighting the Pike has certainly got people talking about Chorley and that is what we set out to do.

“Although it looks impressive, there is a very important reason why we are doing it, and that’s to put Chorley on the map as part of our campaign to get people to choose Chorley for business.

“The Pike is Chorley’s most visible landmark and the dispute over where we are is exactly the kind of debate we wanted to strike up so that there is no confusion as to where Chorley starts and ends.

“We want people to know exactly where we are and what we offer and that when they are passing the Pike on the motorway or rail network they know they are in Chorley.”