Resident’s refund bid following trip to tip

LCC reycling and waste centre at Farington
LCC reycling and waste centre at Farington
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A resident is seeking a ‘refuse tax’ refund.

Brian Dillon is furious after being charged for using the Lancashire County Council household waste and recycling centre at Farington.

He says he was unaware of a charging policy and thinks it will create more fly tipping.

Mr Dillon said: “Having spoken to both local residents and site operatives it is clear that many hundreds of people have been caught by this charge and according to the site operatives many refuse to pay saying they will fly tip instead. Despite the council’s assertions that this is a free service I would say that many hundreds of council tax payers have had to pay this extra refuse tax.

“As a council tax payer I expect to be able to take my domestic waste to the tip for free, and in the vast majority of cases the domestic waste will be minimal.”

Mr Dillon wrote to the county council following the trip to dump wall and floor tiles from his kitchen and wants a refund.

He said: “I am unwell and unable to lift and had my 26-year-old son with me to assist. I was told I needed a permit or I would be charged for 10 bags at £3.50 per bag making a total of £35. I had no choice but to pay as I had driven several miles and would have been unable to get the assistance of my son to unload, reload and attend the tip again with a permit. I paid in total £17.50.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We made a lot of effort to let people know about this change of policy, by putting up large signs and handing out leaflets to users at all HWRCs, as well as communication carried out online and through the media.

“The combination of funding cuts by central government and rising demand for services such as social care means the council has to reduce costs, and disposal of construction and demolition waste currently costs around £750,000 a year.

“Householders can still dispose of a quarter of a tonne of construction and demolition waste every year without charge by applying for a permit, and we have already issued thousands of permits.

“There is no statutory duty for councils to provide for free disposal of construction and demolition waste and alternatives such as skip hire are available to anyone who is engaged in a project which requires the disposal of more than a quarter of a tonne of construction waste in a year.”