Residents’ anger over six-year highway battle

Butlers Farm Court in Leyland where residents have to clean their own roads and paths
Butlers Farm Court in Leyland where residents have to clean their own roads and paths
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Residents living in a Leyland housing development are becoming increasingly frustrated as work to the complex has not been completed.

Butlers Farm Court was built in 2005 but work to the road and gullies has never been finished.

Now, after a six-year battle, homeowners are fighting to have the highway adopted by Lancashire County Council after the property developer, Ellwood Homes Ltd, went into liquidation last year.

Carol Holmes, who owns a house on the development, said: “The builder didn’t finish the work as recommended by the council.

“Every year I clean all the gutters and they end up full with soil and leaves.

“When it rains it rains down the roads and creates more weeds and more grass.”

Residents want the road to be adopted but have been told the road is not a priority.

Carol, 50, said: “We all pay our council tax.”

John Robinson, the former director of Ellwood Homes, said: “Most of the work that was required for the road to be adopted had been done. In the recession, along with a lot of other building companies, Ellwood Homes went into liquidation but I wouldn’t think it would be a lot of work to sort it as the amount of work would be minimal.

“We are not really involved any more.”

Meanwhile residents are having to maintain the road themselves and some have been unable to sell their properties due to legal issues with the management company.

Carol said: “There are young people, people with children, retired people, who have bought a nice house or a nice apartment in a small close and we are stuck with this situation.”

County Coun Geoff Driver, leader of Lancashire County Council, said: “Butlers Farm Court is currently unadopted and as such, responsibility for its maintenance does not lie with Lancashire County Council.

“We are currently liaising with the developers and estate management team to find a way forward.”

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