Residents are shaken up by building work

Resident Pip Flynn outside the new development site at Hewitt Street, Leyland
Resident Pip Flynn outside the new development site at Hewitt Street, Leyland
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Residents have been left grumbling about the rumblings from a building site in Leyland.

People living near Hewitt Street, where 33 houses are being built at the former Fishwicks garage depot, say construction workers are starting on site as early as 7am some days, and vibrations from demolition work are causing their homes to shake.

Primrose Holdings, which is behind the project, has admitted to the Guardian they have broken a few rules, and have vowed to make amends.

Resident Pip Flynn, from Fleetwood Street, said: “The contractors have moved in over the last fortnight to demolish the exciting structures, and it has been an absolute nightmare for us.

“The vibration from the machinery smashing concrete is intolerable, with the vibrations literally rocking the residences, and to add insult to injury, they started work at 6.50am one day.

“At a council meeting last year, we were given some reassurance from the developers that disruption would be minimal. Hardly!”

His neighbour, Andy Morris, added: “It’s unsociable really. Starting at 8am would seem more reasonable. They could at least give us a chance of a lie-in at weekends.”

John Ambrose, development manager at Primrose Holdings, said: “I’m aware we’ve caused some upset with our work, and there was a rule in place that we shouldn’t be starting before 8am.

“I think our guys were a bit keen and enthusiastic, but we’ve re-enforced those rules to the contractors.

“There was also a weekend when they decided to continue working but there will be no weekends anymore.

“The demolition work involved using large machinery and it does cause vibrations.

“It’s like a train going past, but that part of the work finished on Friday.”