Residents can at last pipe down over brook smell

Coun Peter Mullineaux on the new bridge to Worden Park
Coun Peter Mullineaux on the new bridge to Worden Park
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A long-running issue over pollution in a brook near Leyland’s Worden Park has finally been resolved.

Residents have been complaining for months about Cricketer’s Brook, on Parkgate Drive, being contaminated with toilet waste.

In April last year, the Guardian reported how sewage was smelling in the area, and more recently, we ran a report saying that it was a result of mis-connected pipes at a unknown property nearby.

Now, South Ribble Council has announced that the source of the problem has been found, and steps are being taken to sort out the issues once and for all.

Coun Peter Mullineaux, cabinet member for neighbourhoods and street scene, said: “The council has been working hard with other agencies regarding the contamination of Cricketer’s Book and I am pleased that the solution to this matter appears to have been identified.

“Sometimes, when people have extensions to their homes built, or they make some changes to the piping, the pipes get connected wrong and it results in foul waste getting into the water supply.”

He was also pleased with the ‘positive feedback’ the council has been getting after installing a new bridge over Cricketer’s Brook on Parkgate Drive, to create a new entrance to Worden Park from the other side of town.

The £25,000 foot and cycle bridge is part of a £135,000 scheme of improvements works being carried out at the popular Leyland park.

Other jobs on the council’s list include re-laying the paved and cobbled areas around the craft centre units (£50,000), completing a footpath from North Lodge to the play area (£20,000), and reconstructing footpaths in the formal gardens (£40,000).