Residents get backing to improve nightmare junction

Veronica Bennett with campaigner Dave Wynn
Veronica Bennett with campaigner Dave Wynn

Residents are calling for pedestrian-friendly traffic lights at a “nightmare” junction near their homes.

A number of people have expressed difficulties at crossing Leyland Lane, Longmeanygate and Golden Hill Lane.

And the calls for the

pedestrian-friendly traffic lights have been backed by Labour’s parliamentary candidate for South Ribble Veronica Bennett, who has sent a letter to to Lancashire County Council urging them to act.

She also visited the junction of Leyland Lane and Golden Hill Lane in to see the problems for herself.

She said: “A number of residents tell me they find it really difficult to cross here.

“I checked it out myself and they are right, as there’s no way for pedestrians to control the lights.

“You have to wait for the short pause when cars on Leyland Lane, Golden Hill Lane and Longmeangygate are all stopped, but it gives you a matter of seconds to cross the road and you can’t tell when the traffic will start again.

“The residents say they want something doing, so I’m calling for a crossing that works for pedestrians.”

Campaigner Dave Wynn added: “It doesn’t seem safe, especially for older people or parents with prams, who just won’t be able to dash across Leyland Lane or Longmeanygate in the seconds when all the lights are on red for the cars.

“Some residents have complained to me that they feel isolated, and having a nightmare junction to cross over the main road serving Lowther Drive and nearby roads doesn’t help with that.”

Paul Dunne, Lancashire County Council highways manager for South Ribbl,e said: “This junction covers three county council divisions and improvements were put forward by county councillors last year to upgrade all arms of the junction with pedestrian facilities and widen the carriageway to improve its capacity.

“A scheme was drawn up and estimates were prepared.

“However, following the announcement of the City Deal and the improvements to the A582 corridor which unlocked further opportunities for development, the junction will be improved using developer funding as housing schemes are brought forward.

“This is likely to take many years to be completed so we have included short-term modifications in our commissioning plan this financial year and are proposing to upgrade the traffic signals to improve capacity and provide a pedestrian crossing facility on Longmeanygate near Lowther Gardens.”