Residents suffering from water torture

Water trickling from Worden Park onto Parkgate Drive
Water trickling from Worden Park onto Parkgate Drive

Residents in a Leyland street are worried about water flowing down their street from Worden Park.

Parkgate Drive homeowners have had problems with rainwater flowing on the road and into properties on nearby Royal Avenue.

Now they have been told their insurance premiums could double because they are classified as being on a flood plain.

Roy Rawcliffe, of Parkgate Drive, said: “The problem started when two trash screens were blocked.

“They are meant to stop any rubbish going into the drainage system. When it was blocked, it meant there were surges in the water which overflowed a culvert.

“This has happened on three occasions over the past two years.

“It was decided to dig a steel-lined culvert which would channel the storm water into a water balancing lake.

“But we are having problems with the water coming off the park and flowing down the road.

“All this has meant that the Environment Agency has declared the area a flood plain as flash storm water surges from a high-risk waterway.

“It results in us having higher premiums and excesses to pay if there is any flooding.

“The problems have been so bad that I have heard British Gas people have been out to Royal Avenue because there is so much water getting into their pipes.

“It has been one of the wettest years so far but enough is enough.

“We don’t want to have any more problems with water flowing down the road.

“I know that every time we get weather like this, there are people on the road who are worried about going on holiday just because they are concerned about what they will come back to.”

Another Parkgate Drive resident, who did not want to be named, said: “It does not affect me as much as some of my neighbours.

“I am worried for them each time there is some heavy rainfall in case their properties get flooded.

“I remember when I moved here 20 years ago my children were able to play in the back garden as I had a badminton type court at the back.

“But the ground gets so saturated with water and I am concerned about all the water flowing down the street.”

Council chiefs at South Ribble say work has taken place, and an initiative involving the borough and county councils, Environment Agency and United Utilities to pool their resources to decide how best to deal with the issue was a success.

South Ribble Borough Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for Neighbourhood Services, Coun Peter Mullineaux, said: “The work carried out in the spring has been very successful. We have endured the wettest year for a century, but thankfully there have been no torrents of water gushing down Parkgate Drive as in the past.

“There is a small amount of run-off escaping around the top of the bund, which we intend to put a stop to by installing a pipe. The work should be carried out in the next few weeks.”