Residents’ survey says borough is good place

Coun Mick Titherington, chairman of South Ribble's scrutiny committee
Coun Mick Titherington, chairman of South Ribble's scrutiny committee

Almost all of the people interviewed as part of a South Ribble Council ‘customer satisfaction’ survey believe the borough is a good place to live.

Of the 468 residents questioned, 95 per cent rated their hometown in a positive light, whilst 89 per cent said the area is a safe place to live, and 82 per cent agreed it was clean.

People calling up the council’s Gateway services were asked to take part in the survey, which was then put under the microscope by the councillor-led scrutiny committee.

A report which went before the committee last week stated: “Carrying out this type of survey can introduce bias ... people included within the Gateway survey were customers who, by necessity, had to contact the council.

“This potential bias was considered reasonable; as such customers were typically reporting something that may have gone wrong, a missed bin collection for example or requesting a service from the council, such as a pest control request.”

The study also found that 89 per cent of respondents rated the council itself as ‘excellent’, ‘very good’ or ‘good’, and 91 per cent were happy with the provision of waste and recycling.

The lowest scoring section, which came in at 81 per cent, was parks, playgrounds and open spaces.

Coun Mick Titherington, chairman of the scrutiny committee, said: “That score is still quite good, and I think it acts as a slight prompt for the council to keep on top of things; it’s important not to become complacent.

“Places like Worden Park and other open spaces have been given the Green Flag award for years, but there are still things which residents complain about, so we need to be conscious of that, and constantly aim to improve.”

He added: “The results overall are fantastic though. They show that people are generally very satisfied.

“One thing the scrutiny committee looked at was the fact that 89 per cent said that South Ribble is a safe place to live. We wanted to know if the other 11 per cent were all from a particular area, but the survey wasn’t that sophisticated.”