Residents up in arms at revised home plans

Bannister Lane off Croston Road is already in a 'poor state' say residents
Bannister Lane off Croston Road is already in a 'poor state' say residents
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Developer Wainhomes has submitted outline plans to build 125 houses in Farington Moss – but with access to the site from a road residents have fought to protect.

South Ribble Council’s planning committee voted through a masterplan for housing on land between Bannister Lane and Moss Lane in October, meaning, in principle, houses can be built there in future.

The masterplan stated that there is to be no direct access from any developments on to Bannister Lane though, after residents in the area voiced their concerns about traffic.

But in new plans submitted to the council from Wainhomes, the developer asks for outline permission for a ‘residential development for up to 125 dwellings with temporary access off Bannister Lane’.

It applies to a parcel of land north of Bannister Lane and to the rear of houses 398 to 414 Croston Road.

Three residents have already written to the council objecting to the proposals.

Hazel Derbyshire wrote: “Bannister Lane is already over utilised by the residents on the lane, as most people have at least two cars.

“This coupled with visitors makes the lane very busy for a narrow and un-adopted road, which is also a cul-de-sac.”

Mark Berry added: “My concern is I was lead to believe by the council that there would be no access to the new development through Bannister Lane.

“I understand that the access is allegedly only going to be temporary, but even temporary access would damage the road further than the poor state that it is already in, and the noise and mess from the heavy traffic would have a terrible effect upon the people living on Bannister Lane.”

It is not known how long the temporary access would be valid for, if the council’s planning committee gives the scheme the go-ahead.

The application is set to be discussed at a planning meeting in the coming weeks.

n The land between Bannister Lane and Moss Lane is the northern section of a wider 40 hectares site between Heatherleigh and Moss Lane, bounded to the west by Schleswig Way, the east by Croston Road and the north by Moss Lane.

Bannister Lane dissects the site which results in a northern and southern section of similar sizes, and the masterplan for the southern section, between Heatherleigh and Bannister Lane, was signed off by the planning committee in March.

The plans stated access to the whole site must be from Croston Road, Heatherleigh and Moss Lane via the roundabout at Flensburg Way, and said there is to be no access to the site from Bannister Lane.