Residents warn over accident blackspot

Councillors and residents complaining about a string of accidents over the last few months on Stanifield Lane, Farington
Councillors and residents complaining about a string of accidents over the last few months on Stanifield Lane, Farington
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Speeding motorists are making residents’ lives a misery at an accident blackspot where they fear a tragedy is just waiting to happen.

Folk on Stanifield Lane in Farington are demanding urgent action before, they say, someone is killed.

“We don’t want someone killed before something is done.”

Coun Paul Wharton

More than half a dozen smashes are said to have happened on the stretch of road in the last six months or so - the latest a week ago last night.

The residents are supported by ward councillors Paul Wharton and Mike Otter.

“There have been a number of accidents over the years at this location,” said councillor Wharton.

“There have been seven since Christmas, the majority of which have had to have attendance from the ambulance and fire brigade.

“We’re trying to get safety measures put in. Lancashire County Council have told us the road is not dangerous enough.

“However, in a report published not long ago, this road was deemed one of the most dangerous in Lancashire for cyclists, so it makes no sense.

“Farington Park is nearby and we’re trying to get a crossing outside the park in relation to this to slow motorists down.

“It seems like Lancashire County Council are waiting for something to happen.

“We don’t want someone killed before something is done.”

One resident who has been personally affected is Carolene Hills, who lives on a bungalow on Stanifield Lane.

She described living there as being “on a race track” and blamed mainly young drivers for putting their own and other people’s lives at risk by speeding, mainly at night.

She said the danger stretch is between Centurion Way and Farington Lodge.

Last year, a speeding car ploughed through her front garden wall.

“It sent brick pillars flying across the garden, hitting my car and new garage I’d just had fitted,” she said.

“A BT pole and wires were spread across the garden and main road.”

She said: “The stress and anxiety it caused us was absolutely awful and it happened the day after Boxing Day. We’d only just moved in before Christmas.”

She said in another accident a passenger had to be cut from a taxi after it collided with a speeding vehicle.

“Other householders here say it’s been going on for absolute years and something needs to be done,” she said.

“Why should we wait until somebody gets killed.

“I’m fed up with this.

“I just feel I’m living on a race track.

“I don’t feel enough is being done.

“There’s a play area nearby by, there’s children and parents coming in and out of that all the time.

“LCC should do something on this road. They say we can’t have speed bumps. Why can’t we have 20mph speed signs. Drivers re doing 40, 45, 50 mph, at least it might slow them down to 30mph which would be all right.”

Eric Grubb, speed management and behavioural change manager, said: “We take a targeted approach to tackle problems with speeding in partnership with the police, and meet regularly to review locations to prioritise for enforcement.

“Our options can include mobile enforcement by the police, or measures to encourage lower speeds such as the use of interactive ‘smiley face’ speed signs, also known as SPIDs, to make drivers more aware of their speed.

“We’re aware of residents’ concerns about speeding on Stanifield Lane in Farington.

“The 30mph section from Fowler Lane south to Preston Road is a Lancashire Road Watch site which receives periodic enforcement by police as part of this initiative and also receives regular deployments of SPIDs.

“The Roads Policing Unit and the local Neighbourhood Policing Team are talking to each other about the issue and we are also considering whether it would be appropriate to run School Road Watch at Farington Primary School.”