Retro caravan is a cut above other barbers!

Sarah Astbury of Rolling Barbers in Leyland
Sarah Astbury of Rolling Barbers in Leyland
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Sarah Astbury has had her fair share of unusual jobs.

But after years of working in the theatre and travelling far and wide, she decided she wanted something a little more grounded.

So the talented hair stylist decided set up a mobile barber shop – in a 1950s themed caravan.

Sarah, 30, from Leyland first had the idea late last year.

She had originally done a degree in costume – but retrained in hair and makeup in 2006 after winning £36,000 on hit Channel 4 show Deal Or No Deal.

And with the help of her partner, Andy Walsh, 32, she got the ball rolling.

She said: “I wanted to do something that was a normal job and I just thought ‘everyone needs a hair cut.’

“I mentioned that I like the 1950s era and Andy said he could remember having his hair cut in a caravan when he was younger, so he searched on eBay for a caravan.

“We won the auction in November and started doing it up and it is just about finished now.

“The caravan had just been sitting outside this house and the woman had said to her husband ‘if it isn’t gone by Christmas you will be sleeping in it!’

“We took everything out and changed the seats into a waiting area and put a barber’s chair in.

“It is better than I expected it to look.”

The caravan is decorated with photographs of Marilyn Monroe, has a black and white floor and even a jukebox.

She now plans to use the ‘rolling barbers’ at shows and fetes so men can have their hair cut.

She added: “A lot of people have said I am brave to do it.

“How often can you have your hair cut in a caravan?

“It’s a novelty and people seem to like it.

“At the moment I am just using it part time but I hope it will be full time eventually. I’ve had a lot of good feedback.”