Riders’ safety outing with mounted police

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Horse riders will saddle up with members of Lancashire Police’s mounted branch this weekend.

Lois Coulthard and a group of fellow riders will complete a two-and-a-half hour ride with mounted officers on Sunday to raise awareness about horses on the road and inspire drivers to be more cautious.

Lois, 26, of Clayton-le-Woods, stables a horse at Paul’s Farm, Dunkirk Lane, Leyland, from where the ride will set off at around 1pm.

She said: “It’s every week that someone has a near miss. Most drivers, bikers etc are very courteous, but there is always the minority that tries to pass at a dangerous moment, or too fast, or too close.

“The extreme is when we are given abuse by drivers for either being on the road full stop, or for riding two-abreast – this is the suggested way to ride according to the highway code.

“We’re hoping that, by taking a fairly large group out, around twelve horses, accompanied by the police, those minority drivers may be made aware that we are entitled to use the road, and that they should show some respect for the lives of us, our horses and other road users.”

She added: “The police have been really helpful. I’ve been liaising with them to take a route and have agreed on a safe number of riders.”