Road policing in South Ribble continues as autumn arrives

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As darker nights and autumn arrive, police in Lancashire have continued to target unsafe and illegal drivers with a successful operation in South Ribble.

Officers were present in and around Leyland town centre for several hours in order to focus on bad motorists. Offences being targeted included speeding, driving without a seatbelt and using a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel.

Forty drivers were issued with penalty points, a fine or, in some circumstances, the option of an educational course dependent on the severity of the offence and their driving history.

South Ribble Inspector, Steve Evans, said: “This type of police work is carried out throughout Lancashire and we know that the majority of South Ribble’s drivers are both capable and responsible.

“However, it only takes one ignorant road user to ruin a life or cause a tragedy and this is why we continue to push home the message of safe road use whether light, night, rain or sun.”

Sgt Phil Elsden, of the Constabulary’s Road Policing Unit, added: “These planed operations are proven to save lives and prevent injuries as statistics have shown over the last several years.”

“I would also like to inform the public that money we receive from levied fines is put straight back into promoting and advising people on safe driving as part of preventative tactics.”