Road safety tackled around busy school

Campaigners: Headteacher of Farington Moss St Paul's Primary School, Alison Gibson, with pupils on busy Croston Road
Campaigners: Headteacher of Farington Moss St Paul's Primary School, Alison Gibson, with pupils on busy Croston Road

Calls are being made for double yellow lines to be drawn up around a busy Leyland primary school in a bid to protect children’s safety.

Parking around Farington Moss St Paul’s CE Primary School, on Croston Road and School Lane, is causing such a concern for residents, that suggestions are being made to prevent parents from parking there at all.

Councillor for the area, Graham Walton, said: “People park on both sides of the road and there is a danger for children and families crossing there.

“A new 20mph speed limit will be in force soon, and we already have a lollypop lady, but there is still cause to have concern.”

Lancashire County Council (LCC) has just installed new signs and flashing lights around the school to alert drivers to the new 20mph zone, which will be in force during drop-off and pick-up times.

Rachel Crompton, highways manager for South Ribble at LCC, said: “There have been two recorded collisions in the last five years involving children near St Paul’s Primary School.

“Every incident involving a child casualty is looked at most carefully by the police and the county council’s traffic officers, but we have not identified any special factors here that make it different to many other primary schools.

“We are now proposing a 20mph speed limit outside the school at school times which is designed to encourage improved driver behaviour and this will certainly help with child safety.

“The signs/flashers outside St Paul’s have just been installed and will be properly operational next week.”

But she added that double yellow lines would not be introduced.

She said: “The conditions outside school are not suitable for waiting restrictions so we would not look to introduce double yellow lines. However, if people do have concerns, we’re happy to look into potential options.”

Headteacher Alison Gibson said more now needed to be done now to improve parking in the future.

She said: “I would like to see the county council re-paint the zig-zag lines directly outside the school on Croston Road and School Lane.

“These lines are designed to stop people parking there, but they’re starting to fade and they’re in a poor state of repair.

“The community police monitor the situation, but it could become an issue if the lines get worse.”

After being contacted by the Guardian, LCC sent an engineer to the site and confirmed that although there were ‘no immediate safety issues caused by their condition’, the zig-zags would be repainted.

The work will be carried out in Spring next year because lines will not stick if they are painted on in damp weather conditions, the council said.