Safe stolen as owner sleeps upstairs

VictIMS: June and Baden Coaten
VictIMS: June and Baden Coaten
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A hair salon owner revealed how thieves broke into her property and stole a safe containing thousands of pounds – as she slept upstairs.

June Coaten, 66, who has lived above her June’s Hair Salon business on Allerton Road, Walton-le-Dale, for more than 40 years, says she has been left badly shaken by the raid on her business and the next door business, BB Home Designs.

Burglars smashed their way into kitchen showroom BB Home Designs through a side window before ransacking an office, stealing a computer, two laptops and other equipment.

But it was only when Mrs Coaten and her husband Baden, 65, invited the owner of BB Home Designs, Darren Falkingham, into their shop to comfort him, that they realised they too had also been targeted.

Mrs Coaten said: “We saw the police and Darren said he had been burgled. I told him to come in, and then noticed the shop door was wide open and the window was open.

“The room we class as a conservatory was open, and there were coats all over the floor. I realised we had been burgled as well.

“They have come in while we have been in bed. I feel like we have had rats running everywhere, I just feel sick.

“We have got a digital safe that was bolted on to the wall.

“They have got that off the wall and we sleep directly above that room.

“We are still trying to sort out what was in it and what was not.

“It is horrible. You are always told to go for security and the best thing is to get a safe. You never for one moment think this is going to happen to you.”

The stolen safe contained passports, a bracelet full of charms, which Mrs Coaten had been collecting for 40 years, and “a few thousand” in cash.

Mr Falkingham, who is also counting the cost of the stolen equipment at his business, said: “There are a lot of houses around here, you just don’t expect it to happen. I’m just devastated, I was heartbroken when I saw it.”

Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident, which happened overnight on Sunday/Monday morning.