Salon in love letter mystery

Holly Roberts and Victoria Cunningham from Salon 7 in Farington
Holly Roberts and Victoria Cunningham from Salon 7 in Farington

It’s the season of goodwill - and a Leyland salon knows that better than most.

Hairdressers at Salon 7 on Preston Road have been baffled by anonymous letters from a mystery man who sends them poems with messages of happiness and good cheer.

The letters, which come hand-written in silver pen on black paper, turn up without warning, but always to the delight of customers and staff.

Owner Victoria Cunningham said: “We started getting the letters about a year-and-a-half ago but put it down to someone getting the wrong address and we threw a few away.

“But they kept coming.

“They are always really nice poems about being happy and smiling, and keeping your chin up.”

The ladies are hoping to find out who the mystery man is, or if he sends similar poems to other salons or businesses in the town.

Victoria said: “We don’t know who else has got them or anything, or who they are meant for.

“They are addressed to the previous salon that was here but they left about seven years ago when we took over, so the person is obviously not local or he would know they had left and someone else had taken over.

“It is exciting when a new one comes through in the post, but I would be more excited if they were addressed to me!

“It’s just such a mystery.”

In the latest instalment, the mystery author writes lines including, ‘Take joy in your neighbour’s smile, take happiness from their laughter, make your life in peace on earth and be happy ever after.’

Victoria says she hopes it is someone who simply wants to spread a bit of cheer.

She said: “They turn up every now and then, completely at random in little brown envelopes.

“There is no pattern to it so I think it is probably just someone who wants to make people happy.

“The person has obviously gone to some trouble to hand write it and post it so it would be lovely to find out finally who it is.”

Are you the mystery author, or do you also receive these poems?

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