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Bellway Homes is well aware of how expensive moving house can be and to ease the expense, ensures its properties are built to the latest building regulations, saving homebuyers up to £500 per annum* at Grove Farm in Adlington.

Electricity, gas and insulation all contribute to the running cost of a home, with older properties using much more energy than new build, which results in energy wastage and costs the homeowner more money.

Built to a high specification, Bellway Homes’ properties all boast Band A high efficiency boilers which heat the home and provide hot water.

Managed by a thermostat, this allows the heat and hot water to come on only when required, saving around £100 per year.

The better insulated your home, the less money you’ll spend heating it.

With Bellway Homes, all properties have fully insulated cavity walls which keep the heat in, saving you up to £140 per year in heating bills.

Built with a minimum loft insulation of 300mm, this can also save £180 every year.

With lighting accounting for 8 per cent of a typical household’s energy bills, reducing your lighting is one of the easiest ways to save money at home.

All of Bellway’s light fittings are low energy, ensuring you benefit from this saving.

Jenny Bell, sales director designate at Bellway Homes, said: “Homebuyers are always looking for ways to save money on household bills in the current climate.

“At Grove Farm, our homes are built to the very latest building regulations which mean the properties are fuel efficient, saving homeowners up to £500 each year.

“Compared to older homes, Bellway properties are much more energy efficient and therefore cost less to run, which is an attractive proposition for prospective purchasers.

“Buy now at Grove Farm and enjoy living in a stylish, yet sustainable home.”

n Grove Farm is Bellway’s latest development located on Railway Road in Adlington, offering a range of three and four bedroom homes. Prices start from £188,496.

For further details, call Grove Farm on 01257 474 836, or visit

*Figures from Energy Saving Trust