School is ‘all change’ as new head takes charge

PHOTO : Neil Cross'Chris Catherall is the new headteacher at Worden Sports College
PHOTO : Neil Cross'Chris Catherall is the new headteacher at Worden Sports College
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A Leyland school is promising big changes as a new headteacher takes the reins.

Bosses at Worden Sports College on Westfield Drive say standards have drastically improved at the school since fears were raised it was facing problems with low intake figures.

Acting headteacher Chris Catherall, who will take up the role officially later in the year, says a new management structure and more involved pupils mean the school is on track to be better than ever.

He said: “There has been a big change and we are in a much stronger situation because of it.

“We now have a strong middle leadership made up of a headteacher, deputy, and two assistant headteachers that drives the school improvements.

“We are also expecting record results from this year’s year 11 students who have been working really hard.”

Concerns were first raised last year when it was revealed the school was due to admit just 45 students in the new academic year, when they could take up to 120.

Mr Catherall took up the role as acting headteacher with teacher Paul Scarborough when former head Sue Rignall stepped down from the post last August due to ill health.

In a recent Ofsted report, inspectors praised the new team for guiding the school through tough times.

It said: “Since the last inspection there have been significant changes to staffing, most notably in senior leadership.

“Members of the governing body have also been pivotal in steering the school through some very turbulent times.”

Mr Catherall said: “I am fortunate enough to have a really supportive staff and we are doing a lot of work with primary school and prospective pupils and parents.

“We have introduced a new rewards and behaviour policy to track pupil progress so with that and a change of uniform in September, we are expecting a jump in numbers.

“We have had our ups and downs but I can see that we have a bright future ahead.”