Schoolgirls are faced with difficult journey

John Fishwicks and Sons new 804 bus service to Parklands High School
John Fishwicks and Sons new 804 bus service to Parklands High School
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A mother says she is worried about her twin daughters’ safety as a result of the closure of the Fishwick’s bus company.

Ruth Lawton has been left trying to find a way to get the 12-year-old girls home from school after the bus they used to catch cut back operating when the historic firm crashed last month.

The twins – Cerys and Phaedra – attend Penwortham Girls High School and had a comparatively straightforward journey home on the 115.

Mrs Lawton, 47, of Heatherleigh, Leyland, explained the problem: “It’s mainly coming home. They have to catch the bus home.

“My mum used to transport them but she died on Christmas Day.

“My husband left in April.”

Mrs Lawton said the 115 – the only bus joining Penwortham and Farington Moss area – was still running, but no longer at the times the girl used to use it.

“They would catch the 115 home which takes them from Penwortham and get off close to home at Croston Road and walk round where we live,” she said.

“But unfortunately, with the Fishwick’s business stopping it means they can’t catch a bus that’s anywhere close to home.

“Now they have to go into Preston town centre and catch a bus as far as Pleasant Retreat, or Tardy Gate which means they would have a two mile walk in the dark.

“One of my daughters (Phaedra) has Asperger’s. She struggles, she wouldn’t go to Preston town centre.

“I wouldn’t put her in a position where they would walk home in the dark.”

She said the daughter of a friend also used to get a lift with the girls and is in the same position.

“We contacted the school and they replied positively, how they could come up with an interim solution, offering the girls another school bus that would drop them off at Tardy Gate, but that’s another walk.

“The alternative is catching two buses, the number three from Penwortham Girls then a walk to catch another bus.

“I don’t know if they would be able to get off at Earnshaw Bridge and walk round, which isn’t as far as Tardy Gate.”

Mrs Lawton, who works in children’s services for a local authority, said other pupils were affected and added; “I think it would impact on the elderly as well.”

She said: “At the moment, I’ve got a 75-year-old dad whose still struggling from the grief of losing his wife.

“He used to pick them up each day.

“I couldn’t put them in the position of catching two buses.

“We need the 115 back. That’s the whole crux of it.”

Stagecoach said they had no plans to take over the 115.

Penwortham Girls High School declined to comment.