Security is stepped up for statue

REVEALED: Coun David Suthers unveiled the bronze Leyland Motors worker just last month
REVEALED: Coun David Suthers unveiled the bronze Leyland Motors worker just last month
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Security measures have been stepped up after two attempts were made to steal a new Leyland statue.

The bronze statue on Hough Lane depicting a Leyland Motors worker leaving the North Works site was only unveiled a month ago, and already vandals have tried to take it.

The first incident happened just before the statue, which is part of a £300,000 regeneration project, was unveiled on March 21.

It is thought that two men swung on the bronze worker, trying to loosen it from its base.

The second incident happened after the state was officially unveiled, when it is thought yobs tried to do a similar thing.

Both times, the vandals escaped without being caught.

Now, bosses at South Ribble Council have moved in to strengthen and reinforce the base in an attempt to thwart any would-be thieves.

Maureen Wood, director of corporate governance at the council, said: “There were two incidents in which the Leyland Worker statue was vandalised within a week of it being put in place in March.

“We were obviously disappointed that some people failed to respect a tribute to the workers who put Leyland on the map.

“Only minor damage was done and the statue remained secure.

“We have since deepened and strengthened the foundations as a further precaution.”

Coun Caleb Tomlinson, who represents the Leyland Central ward at the council, said: “I have been asked by a lot of people why the statue had been fenced off after it was unveiled and then I found out about the attempted thefts.

“It’s obviously disappointing, especially when such a lot of money was used to put it there in the first place.”

Lancashire Police have been informed of the incidents.