Serial thief in shop superban

John Molineux
John Molineux
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A prolific Leyland shoplifter who was responsible for 38 crimes in a year has been banned from entering shops and charity stores.

John Molineux, 29, of no fixed address but from the Leyland area, was given a two-year criminal anti-social behaviour order (CRASBO).

He admitted stealing a charity box containing £15 from a Spar in Leyland on January 14.

A further two offences, one of theft of alcohol from Spar in Lostock Hall and one of theft of a charity box from the International Aid Trust in Lostock Hall, were also taken in consideration.

Appearing at Chorley Magistrates’ Court on Friday, Molineux was given a two-year supervision order and a CRASBO, which states that he must not enter any Tesco stores, Spar shops, Booths stores or any charity shops across the county.

He is also banned from acting in an anti-social manner and being in possession of alcohol in an open container or consuming alcohol in a public place in South Ribble except when in a pub.

A CRASBO is a criminally sought anti-social behaviour order and was given to Molineux for anti-social behaviour including being drunk in a public place.

He will face prison if he breaches the conditions.

Evidence presented to the court showed that Molineux has been responsible for 38 shoplifting offences since January 2011.

Sgt Janette Bashall of Leyland’s neighbourhood policing team said: “We received repeated complaints from local residents and local businesses about the behaviour of Molineux and the negative impact he was having on the community.

“There is often a view that shoplifting is a petty offence but theft is crime and shoplifters are criminals.

“Small businesses can be ruined by the financial implications of shoplifting and invariably the costs are added on for law abiding customers at the till.

“Molineux is a prolific shoplifter and charity boxes were amongst the items he has stolen.

“The despicable theft of money destined for charity has taken funds away the most vulnerable members of the community.

“We hope that this order will put a stop to Molineux’s behaviour.

“It should reassure residents that we are committed to taking action and send a strong message to those who commit criminal offences and anti-social behaviour that it will not be tolerated.”

The order will remain in place until 19 January 2014.

If you would like to report a breach of this CRASBO or report any acts of anti-social behaviour in your area, contact the police on 101.