Seth’s Stinky is the latest feature on the Truck Trail

Stinky truck in Leyland
Stinky truck in Leyland
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A three-year-old boy was so inspired by Leyland’s exciting new Truck Trail he made his own model vehicle and named it - Stinky!

Stinky sits proudly in little Seth Seager’s garden on Canberra Road, Leyland.

Admired by passers-by, it won the nursery school youngster a special Truck Trail cap presented to him by South Ribble Borough Council.

Stinky, who has three eyes - because he’s a monster truck, of course - is made from a cardboard box, with paper plates for wheels, and painted blue.

Mum Amy, 32, explained: “He just loves junk modelling, recycling. He’s walked the whole Truck Trail twice. He goes to the museum and loves to see the cars and stuff.

“I think he loves the fact we live in Leyland and its trucks.”

She added: “He decided it was going to be blue because that’s his favourite colour. He painted his little brother’s seat blue in the process. He painted it all and it’s got three eyes because it’s a monster truck.

“He said we need to put it outside so everyone can my truck, that’s hot it got noticed. He called it Stinky because that’s how a three-year-old’s mind works.

“He adores modelling and always saying, any bit of rubbish, ‘Can I have that. Can we keep that to make something.’

Amy, a freelance graphic designer who works from home, is married to Joe, 31, a social media manager who runs his own business from home, too. They have another child, Elijah, aged eight months.

“We’ve both got technology in the family,” said Amy. “My husband’s dad was a retired engineer, my dad was a turner.”

“My grandad Bob Bannister worked at the Leyland vehicle museum in the fitting shop. He once taught Prince Phillip to drive a double decker during a visit.”