Shoppers warned after bank card theft scam

Tesco, Leyland
Tesco, Leyland

Police are warning shoppers in Leyland to be on their guard after a scam where a driver blocks their victim into a car parking space before taking their bank cards.

Two incidents have been reported at Tesco on Towngate, Leyland, where shoppers have returned to their cars and before they leave, have been blocked in by another car.

In the latest incident, at around 3.50pm on January 14, the woman was gestured to by a man in a blue saloon car to go and speak to her.

She refused, but when he failed to move the blue saloon car, she went over.

He then asked for directions to London and when they had finished talking the unsuspecting victim went back to her car.

When she got home, she realised three banks cards had been stolen from her purse and money had been withdrawn from two accounts.

A similar incident was reported at the supermarket late last year, and it is believed the man distracts his victims while someone else rifles through their bags which are left in the car.

One the same day, a similar incident was reported to police at around 1pm at Tesco on Ackhurst Road, Chorley. The woman again had bank cards taken from her purse.

Police in Leyland have warned shoppers to watch for people looking over their shoulders while typing their PIN numbers in at the till and if they find themselves in a position where they are blocked in and someone refuses to move, to call police.

The man is described as speaking in broken English, in his late 20s or early 30s, and of Eastern European origin.