Skate park to close temporarily

Peter Chandler at the skate park in Talbot Road, Leyland
Peter Chandler at the skate park in Talbot Road, Leyland
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The owner of a Leyland skate park is having to close the popular facility next week after a number of noise complaints.

But Peter Chandler, who opened The Warehouse Leyland on Talbot Road last summer, hopes it will only have to remain shut for a month, while vital sound-proofing work takes place.

The opening hours had already been cut in the evenings and at weekends because neighbours said there was too much noise coming from the site.

Mr Chandler spent £30,000 on spray foam and boarding to reduce the noise levels.

But environment officers said the noise levels were still too high.

Now, he’s having to fork out another £85,000 and has decided to close the skate and BMX park for four weeks while work is carried out, in the hope it will nip the problem in the bud once and for all.

The grandad of 14 said: “Our members are already upset that we’ve had to close earlier at night, because a lot of the older customers work until 5pm and can only really come after that.

“We used to have between 40 and 50 people coming at night, which made the business much more viable.

“We’re only just surviving now; I never thought there would be all this aggravation when we opened.”

He said the money he is having to plough into the sound-proofing was being saved up to expand the skate park, which is a popular attraction for skate boarders and BMX bikers.

Mr Chandler added: “We wanted to create a new ‘bowl’ facility which all the kids were asking for.

“We had the plans drawn up and were ready to go, but now all that money has been spent on this.

“I’m just hoping it all works this time.

“We will do the expansion eventually, but we need to get this sorted out first.

“We keep fighting back. We’re doing everything we’re being told to do.”

Luckily for Peter and his wife and three children, who also run the firm, there is a small room for skating which can hold about 25 people at a time, which will be able to stay open throughout June, while the rest of the facility is closed.

The hours are still limited, closing at 7pm midweek and 4pm on weekends, instead of the original 10pm midweek and 7pm weekend hours, but Peter says it is better than nothing.

He said: “I’d rather do that than lose our customers, it just means we’re limited as to how many people can come at a time.

“Hopefully though, once this is sorted, we’ll be able to go back to the longer opening times, and get some of our old customers back, who left when we had to make the changes.”