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Coun Caleb Tomlinson
Coun Caleb Tomlinson
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A scheme to relocate Leyland town centre’s Post Office to a trouble-hit vacant shop has been welcomed.

The Post Office on Hough Lane will move just 70 metres away to the former Hyde’s toy shop across the road this May.

It means a bigger premise with more services and longer opening hours, and the move has also been praised because it will fill the old toy shop.

Leyland town centre councillor, Caleb Tomlinson, said: “That shop has been empty for the past two and a half years, so I’m really pleased about the move.

“I’m sure the staff at Heaven on Earth beauty salon next door will be delighted, because people won’t be able to use the empty shop as a sneak-through to break into the salon anymore, like they’ve done in the past.

“It does mean there will be another empty premise in Leyland, but that place is a lot smaller and is next door to a bookies, so I don’t think it will attract any trouble.

“The Hyde’s shop is double-fronted as is very prominent on Hough Lane, so it’s really good news it will be occupied again.”

Heaven on Earth was targeted by thieves before Christmas, who climbed through the loft space from Hyde’s and took £1,000 worth of hair straighteners.

The relocation will take place at the start of May, and was agreed following a public consultation launched in December to gauge the community’s views.

It will be the second time in four years that the high street Post Office has moved - up until 2009 it was based in what is now the Leyland Lion Wetherspoons pub.

As part of Post Office plans to modernise the network, the new Leyland branch will open as a main-style open-plan shop and will be open for an extra 20 hours a week.

It comes as another town Post Office re-opened last week after being closed for a revamp.

The Church Road branch will now give customers an extra five hours of service on Saturday afternoons.

Councillor for the Leyland St Mary’s ward, Phil Hamman, said: “This is excellent news for Leyland.

“The extended hours and the addition of a car tax renewal service is most welcome.”

He added that the investment in the Post Offices reassured residents that the branches are ‘here to stay’.