Speed camera was so ‘sneaky’

Police Speed Checks on the A49, Wigan Road, Euxton
Police Speed Checks on the A49, Wigan Road, Euxton
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Highway chiefs are coming under fire for causing traffic chaos by awkwardly positioning a mobile speed camera on a busy Chorley road.

Motorists heading out of Euxton on the Wigan Road towards Charnock Richard on Sunday had to swerve around a speed camera van that was parked on the carriageway near a bridge.

The van, which was under a tree, was shielded by a line of four traffic cones.

It meant drivers had to pull out into the centre of the road to avoid it. Although the officials not breaking any laws, the move has been branded ‘hazardous’.

One motorist said: “I was coming back from the Charnock Richard Scarecrow Festival so it was busy.

“I was driving towards Euxton and a car coming the other way suddenly pulled out.

“If I’d not braked it would have gone straight into the side of me. It’s a 30mph zone coming through Euxton and then it becomes the national speed limit.

“The camera was positioned right in the bottom of a dip. I think it was very sneaky.”

Euxton resident and former councillor Danny Gee, who is a keen cyclist, said: “I’m not happy about this because it means I have to cycle on the other side of the road.

“It’s very hard to pull out because you have look in front and behind before you overtake parked vans or cars, and it’s quite dangerous. It would be better if they could find a lay-by to park in.”

Lancashire County Council said the police are free to park anywhere necessary while doing speed checks.

A police spokesman said: “The site has been subject to a full risk assessment, and in this case it is clear there is enough room for two vehicles to pass.”

“There are no adequate off road locations suitable for enforcement and the vehicle is parked lawfully.”