Stolen motorhomes end up abroad

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Owners of expensive motorhomes in Leyland are being warned about thefts which result in their vehicles ending up in Eastern Europe.

Police in the town are sending leaflets to residents who could be targeted for having caravans and motorhomes on their driveways, as there is an issue of them being taken and re-sold abroad.

Insp Steve Evans said: “Over the last year there have been 12 stolen across the Southern Division, and four of those occurred in the Leyland area.

“There were two motorhomes and two caravans taken.

“Essentially they are kept intact and sold on in the condition they are.

“Caravans tend to either stay in the UK or quite frequently end up in the Republic of Ireland.

“As far as motorhomes are concerned, these tend to be sold as seen as well, some of them are quite expensive and there is a notable re-sale market for these vehicles.

“Quite a few of them have ended up in Eastern Europe, such as Bulgaria or Latvia, as the registration system is different in these countries and the theft has less chance of coming to light than in the UK.”

He added that while this was not a ‘major issue’ at the moment, the force was keen to warn owners about the problem, in an effort to prevent the situation getting any worse.