Street parking pains due to ‘lazy shoppers’

Martin Kirk, Peggy Sue Moss, Roger Williams, Edith Turner, Riley Irvine, six, Kerry Tinsley and Sheila Rhodes
Martin Kirk, Peggy Sue Moss, Roger Williams, Edith Turner, Riley Irvine, six, Kerry Tinsley and Sheila Rhodes
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‘Lazy shoppers’ are causing a nuisance to residents living in Leyland town centre, who find it impossible to park their cars on their own street.

People living in Meadow Street, off Hough Lane, say it’s pointless paying for a parking permit because of the amount of people who are not prepared to use proper car parks.

Martin Kirk, 57, says the issue is causing a lot of ‘aggravation’ for him and his neighbours, as shoppers take advantage of the one hour’s free parking on Meadow Street.

“Parking is a really big problem for us, it’s causing a lot of frustration,” he said. “We pay for a parking permit but still can’t find space - loads of drivers circle round the area looking for a spot.

“It’s like a race course at weekends and market days. It’s dangerous, and it desperately needs sorting out.

“There is plenty of free parking in the town centre car parks for an hour, but people are just lazy and want to be as close to the shops as possible.”

He added: “I’ve been here for 10 years and it’s got worse over the years.

“Meadow Street must be the busiest street in Leyland now - I’m not joking.

“I’ve spoken to business owners in Hough Lane and they say their staff don’t park there, it’s mainly shoppers, and I feel like I’ve exhausted all of my options.

“People do over-stay their welcome as well. It’s supposed to be an hour’s free parking but people stay longer.

“It definitely needs better policing.

“When I go out, I want to know I’ve got a parking space to come back to; that’s what I pay for.

“I think the front end of Meadow Street should be for shoppers but the rest should be residents-only parking.

“It costs £28.60 a year for a permit and I know that doesn’t guarantee me a space, but there is a solution.”

His neighbour, John Watkinson, 63, agreed: “The car parks on King Street and behind the market are always almost empty.

“It only costs 50p for two hours parking, so it’s just laziness.

“It’s got worse since Wetherspoons opened and the town has got busier.

“I think a lot of the people parking on the streets are workers, but Hough Lane is on a bus route so people shouldn’t need to drive here.

“Alice Avenue a few streets down is residents-only parking - why can’t we have the same?”

Coun Matthew Tomlinson, Leyland’s county councillor, said: “I have been approached by residents who expressed their concerns about parking, and I arranged a meeting with them and Lancashire County Council staff.

“LCC is now assessing the options and we’ll get back to residents.

“I’m determined we can come up with some sort of offer.”