Taskforce to tackle flooding

In July 2010, residential areas of Leyland flooded badly after torrential rainfall. Picture by Andi Graham
In July 2010, residential areas of Leyland flooded badly after torrential rainfall. Picture by Andi Graham

A taskforce formed to help prevent flooding in Leyland ‘could not have come at a better time’, members warn.

‘Flood risk’ maps from the Environment Agency show there are a surprising number of Leyland areas which could face problems with surface water and flooding from brooks and rivers in the future.

Chapel Brow in the town centre, the Broadfield estate off Leyland Lane near Bannister Brook, and the area around Farington Lodge on the corner of Stanifield Lane and Centurion Way, are all classed as ‘high risk’ zones for surface water flooding.

The Seven Stars area is a hotspot for river flooding, and sites around the River Lostock near Emnie Lane and Schleswig Way are high risk too.

The problem continues along the Wade Brook and Mill Brook areas , and along Bannister Brook all the way towards Turpin Green.

Now, a taskforce has come together under South Ribble Council’s scrutiny committee to look at ways of dealing with the issues, and prevent the kind of serious flooding Leyland has suffered in the


Chairman of the committee, Coun Mick Titherington, said: “Obviously the issue of flooding is very topical at the


“Each year, scrutiny looks at issues we think are worth pursuing.

“We had discussions with the leader of the council and the public, and we felt that flooding was a cause for concern in the borough.

“We will try to come up with recommendations to contribute towards helping to prevent flooding, and to deal with the after-effects too.”

With regards to the Environment Agency flood risk maps, Coun Titherington added: “I am surprised there are so many areas of Leyland that are ‘high risk’ areas.

“That’s one of the first things the group will do - identify areas of the borough where there is a risk.”

Coun Keith Martin, who is also part of the task group, said: “I hope that the committee will look into the personal side of flooding, of any type.

“The human stories will help us see how flooding affects residents at home and at work.

“I also hope we will look at how things are moving as far as the flood defences with the River Ribble are going.”

He added: “Scrutiny has an ideal opportunity to collate such personal experiences, it is something I would like to see the council do more of really.

“After all, the council is there to look after the people.

“With the recent weather, and the cut backs to the staffing at the Environment Agency, this subject could have not come at a better time.”