Team effort to save Giant Veggie Patch

Members of the community tackle Leyland's Giant Veggie Patch
Members of the community tackle Leyland's Giant Veggie Patch
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Leyland’s Giant Veggie Patch has been brought back to its former glory with the help of green-fingered friends.

The Broadfield Community Association has teamed up with St Mary’s Primary School and staff from the town’s McDonalds restaurant to rid the patch of overgrown weeds and bring it back into use.

A volunteer group which used to look after the spot in Bannister Drive stepped down a while ago, and South Ribble Council has been looking for a new team to take on the responsibility of its upkeep.

Karen Beech, chair of the Broadfield Community Association, said: “I felt it was really important for the Giant Veggie Patch to stay in community hands, as it was intended to be used when it first opened, so I put an application in to the council with the school so we could all work together on it.”

A group of around 30 people met up last Tuesday to work on the project, and managed to rid the patch of weeds before the rain struck in the afternoon.

“It was a fantastic effort by the community, staff at McDonalds and Year 6 pupils from St Mary’s to get it under control,” Karen said.

“We have planted vegetables and are growing strawberries, carrots, lettuce, radish, peas, cauliflower, chives, parsley, fennel, coriander, chillies and tomatoes.

“The children can plant, grow and eat the produce.”

There will be a relaunch in Autumn to promote the Veggie Patch, when other members of the community can learn how to get involved.

Karen added: “The clean-up was a fantastic event where a large company like McDonalds got together its community team to help a local project.”

Leyland’s McDonalds manager, Nicola Metcalf, said: “Every year McDonalds takes part in a ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign.

“In Leyland we do the litter picks with Academy@Worden and the council, but we also wanted to do something bigger and better and really make a difference in the local community.

“I met with Karen and a teacher from St Mary’s and we decided to help get the Giant Veggie Patch back up and running.

“It was getting really overgrown and needed a lot of work to get it back into a condition for the children and the community to enjoy again.”