Teen in Leyland hit and run scare

Katie Smith, 17, is using crutches after a hit and run incident in Towngate, Leyland. She is pictured with dad Mark
Katie Smith, 17, is using crutches after a hit and run incident in Towngate, Leyland. She is pictured with dad Mark
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A teenager is suffering from terrible nightmares after being involved in a ‘hit and run’ incident in Leyland town centre.

The ordeal was made more traumatic for 17-year-old Katie Smith, as her beloved cousin Rebecca was killed after being hit by a car just a few years ago.

Aspiring midwife Katie, from Balshaw Road, Leyland, was crossing Towngate near Asda and Hough Lane at around 5.20pm on Friday, January 9, when a car hit her leg.

The driver failed to stop, and despite having a panic attack in the street, nobody came to Katie’s aid.

Her mortified dad, Mark, has told the Guardian how his daughter is struggling to cope with the shock.

His family has had to deal with a number of tragedies in recent years, because after losing his niece Rebecca, Mark also lost his nephew, Anthony Stubbs, who was found dead in woodland near Worden Park after a seven-week police search in January 2013.

“Katie isn’t sleeping at all,” he said. “She keeps having nightmares about getting knocked down by a car and being left there.

“She’s too nervous to go out.

“Her cousin was killed on the road a few years ago, and it’s brought back some terrible memories.

“She said that after the car hit her, she started to feel faint and had a panic attack, but nobody helped her.

“My wife, Pat, works at Costcutter on School Lane and she managed to hobble there.

“My heart sank when she rang me to tell me what had happened.

“We’ve been through a lot as a family, it’s been an awful time.

“Katie was very close to Becky and Anthony, and I think that’s why she’s struggling to sleep. I keep telling her not to think about what could have happened.”

Katie’s cousin Rebecca Smith, 15, was hit by a taxi as she was crossing the A6 London Way in Walton-le-Dale in September 2011.

She died of her injuries, and the driver was cleared by a jury of causing death by careless driving.

Anthony Stubbs, 16, went missing from his Leyland home in November 2012 and was later found to have taken his own life.

Katie, who now attends Preston’s College to study health and social care, said: “I was on my way home from college and I got off the bus at the Gables pub.

“I was crossing the road near Asda and was on the pedestrian island in the middle of the road.

“I looked left and right, and double checked, and just as I was nearly at the kerb, a car hit the back of my foot.

“I stumbled forward and I was in complete shock and I just felt this pain.”

Katie says she is suffering from a bruised ankle, soft tissue damage and back pain.

“I’m really scared to go out now,” she added. “I’ve been getting ready for college but I’ve just started to feel sick and started to panic.

“I’m scared it will happen again.

“I’ve always been very careful on the roads because of what happened to Becky, and when I was hit, my first thought was of her.

“I’ve taken a bit of time off college but I’m hoping this will pass and I can get back into it soon.

“My whole body is just physically drained because I’m not sleeping.

“I keep having flashbacks.”

Police are investigating the incident. If any witnesses have information, call police on 101.