Teenage yobs on wrecking spree through town estate

Seven Stars in Leyland
Seven Stars in Leyland
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‘Extremely dangerous’ missiles have been thrown at homes and passing traffic by teenage boys blighting a Leyland housing estate.

Police covering the Wade Hall estate and Seven Stars area of Leyland said that a series of criminal damage incidents and reports of anti-social behaviour have been made in the past few days.

Officers said boys have been snapping off water pipes from homes, filling them up with mud, stones and dirt from gardens, then using the pipes to throw it at houses and also passing traffic.

Now local residents are being urged to come forward with information on who is responsible.

PCSO Ruth Carr said: “This activity is not only causing damage to people’s properties, it is extremely dangerous especially when these missiles are being thrown at passing traffic and we are very keen to trace the people responsible and speak to them.

“We know that the group believed to be involved is made up of young teenage boys who are thought to be local to the area so I would ask anyone who knows who might be involved to get in touch with us.”

Seven Stars Councillor Donald Harrison said he hadn’t been made aware of any problems, but urged the local community to help the police.

He said: “This is a very silly thing to do.

“It could cause someone to die, either through a motorist losing control, or through hitting someone on the head.

“Anyone who knows who is responsible should talk to officers.”

Officers from the South Ribble Neighbourhood Policing Team have spoken to a number of young people in the area.

To make contact with the local neighbourhood policing team, call 101.