Tesco pulls out of shop extension

Tesco, Leyland
Tesco, Leyland
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Tesco has pulled out of plans to extend its Towngate store following years of protests.

Last week, plans which were passed in 2010 for an extension to the rear of the store for sales and storage, and first floor staff accommodation, were withdrawn by the supermarket giant.

The Extra store has recently undergone a transformation inside the unit, creating a new pharmacy and beauty salon, and Tesco says the success of that is the reason for backing out of the bigger proposals.

Spokesman for the company, Douglas Wilson, said: “We are delighted by the response from customers to the recent store refresh and we have decided not to pursue the extension plans any further.”

Neighbours initially objected to the 2,221 square metre designs, saying the shop is already big enough, and an even larger supermarket would contribute towards Leyland becoming a ‘Tesco Town’.

If they had gone ahead, the ambitious plans would have seen the shop increase by almost a quarter - or almost a third of a football pitch - as well as seeing alterations to the entrance at Lancastergate and raised crossings within the car park for pedestrians.

It also wanted to make changes to the service yard at the store, with the construction of a cage marshalling area, a new retaining wall and a two-metre high screen.

Similar plans were given the go-ahead by South Ribble Council in 2007, but again, the work was never carried out, and the three-year deadline to complete the work expired before anything was done.

Documents published on the council’s website at the end of January, which reveal that the plans have been withdrawn, state that Tesco ‘does not wish to pursue’ a section 106 agreement with the council, which refers to money required from Tesco to improve the area.