‘Tesco should crack down on car park abusers’

Driven round the bend: Irene Peace finds it hard to find available spaces for disabled customers at Tesco in Leyland
Driven round the bend: Irene Peace finds it hard to find available spaces for disabled customers at Tesco in Leyland

A disabled mum is furious at the number of people abusing the parking system at a supermarket in Leyland.

Irene Peace, 56, from the Seven Stars area of the town, says she sometimes has to drive around Tesco’s car park on Towngate for 10 minutes before finding an available parking space near the store.

She said: “There just isn’t enough signs warning people not to park in the disabled bays, and the number of people I’ve seen using them without having a badge is ridiculous.

“I go to Tesco every other day to top up my shopping, and the problem seems to have gotten worse in the last 12 months.

“I’ve spoken to the staff but they said it’s not company policy to speak to these people, unless there are enough complaints. But the amount of stores Tesco has around the country, they must have come across this issue plenty of times.”

Irene, whose son is her carer, suffers from arthritis, and can only walk a short distance before experiencing a lot of pain.

“I’m at my wit’s end about this,” she said. “People should have more consideration for those of use who need to use the disabled bays, and Tesco should be more understanding and make sure the car park is used properly.

“Morrisons has big signs up, which I think really help, and ASDA has a fixed penalty notice in place for anyone found abusing the spaces.”

She added: “I’ve spoken to the drivers myself at Tesco when I see them, asking if they know they shouldn’t park there if they don’t have a badge, but people just shout at me, which is why I want Tesco to be more proactive about it.

“I don’t think I’m asking for much.

“Tesco has a motto of ‘Every Little Helps’ so why can’t they do a little more to help their disabled customers who rely on a local supermarket for everyday items?”

A Tesco spokesperson responded: “We take our responsibilities towards disabled customers very seriously.

“All of our disabled parking bays are clearly marked and regularly monitored by our staff, who often ask customers to move if they’ve parked in these bays without reason.”

She added: “We have recently carried out trials to further monitor and prevent specialist space misuse and are now reviewing the most effective and practical method.”