The Trees’ garden is more of an oasis

The Withy Trees
The Withy Trees
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It is something of an understatement to say that the The Withy Trees has a beer garden.

Sprawling behind this Fulwood community pub is a veritable urban beer oasis; a gigantic rolling green sward, ringed by mature leafy trees, swallowing effortlessly more than a dozen well spaced tables and boasting a wooden kids’ play tower/complex only slightly smaller than my house.

A splendid place to wile away ales on the loveliest evening of summer thus far, then, as you can no doubt imagine.

I plonked my bag and strolled indoors; the recently refurbished indoors. And a job well done that is.

The bar has a clean modern feel, is open and spacious, light, cool and airy. All good so far, then, it came as no small disappointment to clap eyes on the pumps at my disposal.

Big Cask Co. only, am afraid to say, and although a decent mix – a pale ale, two bitters, a blonde – nothing not sunk goodness knows how many times previously. Little thrill knowing in advance that nothing new or surprising is coming your way.

Anyhow, being unable to face a Wainwright and having sworn off Greene King IPA after noting it was Farage’s favourite beer, a glass of Bombardier Burning Gold was first under my nose, and a fair drop it was too.

Tangy and bready on the nose, the swig is smooth, malty, even a little salty, the swallow long and dry.

A refreshing sip, perfect for the conditions, but I fought the urge to douple up and followed it with a Bombardier English Bitter. Which was pleasant. Tasted just like the last pint of same I had.

So not one for the real ale snob (me). Except, of course, on long summer nights like these, when an urban beer oasis will forever be the answer to all your prayers.

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