Thug threw hammer which hit wheelchair

The crowds enjoying the fireworks at Worden Park, Leyland
The crowds enjoying the fireworks at Worden Park, Leyland

A furious mum has vowed to never return to Leyland after a hammer was thrown at her daughter’s wheelchair at a family event last week.

Adele Harrington, 42, was visiting the town with her 13-year-old daughter Imogen to watch the annual bonfire and fireworks display at Worden Park.

But as they were leaving and approaching the car park at Tesco on Towngate, they were met with a group of youngsters. “There were hundreds of them,” Mrs Harrington recalled. “They were all charging towards us and it was terrifying.

“We were walking with lots of other families from the park, and I don’t know why they were heading for us, but it was frightening and very intimidating.

“The police were there on horses, and I think they were trying to get away from the police, and one of them threw a hammer which hit Imogen’s wheelchair.

“They were obviously equipped to fight, and it’s certainly put me off ever going to Leyland again.”

Mrs Harrington, who lives in Blackburn, has visited Worden Park for the past few years for the popular firework event.

There were problems with teens around Tesco last year, and the police staged an operation this year to try to prevent any trouble in the town.

“We felt really safe at Worden Park,” the mum-of-two added. “Imogen had a sports injury a few weeks ago which means she can’t walk now, and she’s been feeling nervous about leaving the house in her wheelchair.

“We think she will be in this condition until she’s 18 and can have an operation, and we wanted to take her to the firework display to cheer her up.

“Now she’s even more worried about going out.

“I have honestly never seen so many youths in my life, it was an awful feeling.

“I’m absolutely furious.”

She added: “The hammer was thrown with such force that Imogen’s wheelchair has been damaged.

“It could have hit a child in the face.”

A police spokesman said: “We are investigating an 
incident that took place on the car park at Tesco’s on 
Towngate last week.

“CCTV is being checked and we would appeal to anyone who witnessed the incident to call Leyland Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”