Tip-top results from new waste centre

The work in progress at the Recycling Centre on Flensburg Way, Leyland
The work in progress at the Recycling Centre on Flensburg Way, Leyland

Leyland’s temporary ‘pop-up’ tip is getting around 300 visitors a day, it has been revealed.

The new site, which opened on Centurion Way in August, is acting as a replacement household waste recycling centre while the original one on Flensburg Way is redeveloped.

And, Lancashire County Council (LCC), which runs the operation, says the facility has been well-received by the public.

County Councillor Albert Atkinson, deputy leader of LCC, said: “Lots of people have been using the temporary site at Farington – it has averaged 300 visitors a day and recycled, reused, or composted around 78% of the rubbish received.

“The redevelopment of the original Household Waste Recycling Centre on Flensburg Way is progressing well, especially considering the unusually wet weather we’ve had lately, and is still on track to open in January.”

He added: “The temporary site only has planning permission until December 31, so there may be a short period between that closing and the new one opening, and we’ll advise people further on alternatives for recycling if we need to in due course.

“We’ll be able to make a more accurate assessment of when the redeveloped site will open as the work progresses and will let people know more during December.”

Farington councillor Graham Walton campaigned for LCC to open a temporary site for the six months that the old facility is closed, after it was initially proposed that people would have to travel to Preston or Chorley to dispose of their waste.

He said: “The number of visitors this sight is seeing just goes to show how important it was for a household waste centre to be available in Leyland.

“It has been a complete success; I’ve been down there on a regular basis and it always looks clean and tidy.”

He added: “I’m glad to hear that things are on schedule for the original site to re-open in January.

“Work looks like it’s progressing well, and it will be easier for people to use than it was before the redevelopment.

“There will be no need for people to walk up the stairs with heavy bags because it is a new two-tier system, and it should also resolve the issue of traffic queuing up along Flensburg Way too, which has been a problem before.”