Slip road to close to force traffic out of Penwortham town centre

The slip road leading up to the Golden Way flyover.
The slip road leading up to the Golden Way flyover.

An infamous slip road is to be blocked off as part of plans to rid Penwortham of its nose-to-tail traffic queues.

County Hall bosses have announced they will shut off the connector between Penwortham Hill and the Golden Way flyover in the New Year when the town's new bypass opens.

Thousands of vehicles a day use the slip road to access the flyover and cross the River Ribble into Preston.

But, along with other traffic reducing measures, LCC are determined to force drivers to use the new bypass which is scheduled to be completed around January.

"Once the new bypass opens, we’ll be able to make changes to the road layout around Penwortham to encourage people to use the new bypass, rather than travelling unnecessarily through the town if they don’t need to," explained Coun Keith Iddon, LCC cabinet member for highways and transport.

"By reducing the amount of traffic through the town, it will reduce queuing and related pollution, while making it a nicer place for people who live here.

"This should also help businesses in the area by making it a better place to be."

Access to the flyover will still be possible from Penwortham Hill, but only via a circular diversion using the two roundabouts at the junctions of Leyland Road and Golden Way.

Highways experts are hoping the new road - and other traffic calming measures to prevent Liverpool Road being used as a rat run - will reduce congestion in the town centre by up to 70 per cent.

The slip road from Penwortham Hill has had a chequered past, with road planners being forced to redesign it after a spate of accidents involving vehicles joining the flow on Golden Way.