YOUR VIEW: Traffic chaos in Penwortham

The junction has been causing frustration for motorists
The junction has been causing frustration for motorists
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The Post reported last week how motorists were left frustrated by long queues building up at a new-look junction at Penwortham Way.

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The junction is being re-designed to speed up traffic flow but a local councillor claimed temporary traffic lights are causing chaos by only giving vehicles seven seconds to get through.

Lancashire County Council said all lanes were now open and apologised for any incovenience during the roadworks, explaining the lights timings would be adjusted to a more permanent setting soon.

Here’s what readers had to say via our Facebook page –
I can’t understand why they are replacing roundabouts with traffic lights

It just causes extra, unnecessary delays ❗️

You get stopped in the middle of the night by a red traffic light ... whereas there would be little or no delay at a roundabout.”

Anne Crossley

Try getting out of lindle lane to join Pope Lane , it takes 30 minutes some days to just waiting for someone on Pope Lane to let you out it gets backed up worse than before now because people won’t let you out because they trying to get through the lights...”

Jill Cole

Terrible idea to remove the roundabout and replace it with lights. Took me 15 minutes from Booths roundabout to get through them the other day when usually it would take one to three minutes. The highways department need to seriously sort this mess out.”

Neil Anyon

The whole work has been a waste of time and money as the council wasn’t able to achieve what they set out to do and that was make a two lane dual carriageway all the way up. Two lanes through the lights into one accidents waiting to happen”

Nancy Gilmour

The people who make these ‘improvements’ clearly don’t have to use these roads on a daily basis and waste hours of their lives a week getting frustrated.”

David Lewis

It is completely crazy - three sets of traffic lights within a short distance. Widen the road with filter lanes to the left by all means, but keep the roundabout and traffic flowing. Listen to the people who use the roads!”

Merle Winstanley

I have started avoiding this route if travelling from Leyland back to Preston. It’s a nightmare, no matter what time of day it is ... the traffic can be backed up for miles. Who’s stupid idea was this? There was nothing wrong with the roundabout.”

Suzanne Allen

People’s driving styles made these changes inevitable, whether you agree or disagree with the longer term solutions.”

Rachel Knowles

Try being on Lightfoot Lane at the moment too! Nightmare with roadworks and traffic.”

Samantha Broom