Tributes to brave Runshaw College student

Toby Snape from Euxton who died of a rare heart condition
Toby Snape from Euxton who died of a rare heart condition
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Tributes have been paid to a courageous Leyland student who died at the weekend.

Toby Snape, 19, has been described by his heartbroken family as a man with strength and dignity who fought until the very end.

The Runshaw College student, of Laurel Avenue, Euxton, was diagnosed with a rare heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy when he was just 13.

It is the same condition that claimed the life of his brother Shaun on Boxing Day 2006, when he was 15.

Toby died in hospital on Friday after undergoing pioneering treatment to try and keep his heart working while he was waiting for a transplant.

His aunt Shirley Taylor, of Euxton, said: “The one thing we take from everyone’s messages about Toby was his courage.

“He was such a brave man.

“Toby was ill for all his teenage years, but he never complained and never moaned, he just got on with it.”

Runshaw College principal Kathy Passant has offered her condolences to Toby’s family.

She said: “Toby was a keen and interesting student.

“He focused fully on his college work and did not let his illness hold him back.

“He went about his daily classes very quietly but took part fully in college life.

“Toby set very high academic standards for himself and was always on or above target.

“He was a well-known presence in the college community; he talked openly and confidently about his illness when asked, yet never openly showed any signs of concern for himself.

“Toby was an inspirational young man and our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.”

Studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Toby achieved four B grades in his AS exams in summer 2011.

He missed this year’s January exams after being taken ill, and was transferred to Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, where he stayed for two weeks.

He was admitted again two weeks ago with an infection, where he died after undergoing the procedure.

He planned to sit his final exams this summer, and had already been accepted to a number of universities.

Toby had hopes of pursuing a career creating video games.