Truck dream motors towards reality

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The replica lorries that will form Leyland’s Truck Trail have been finished and are weeks away from going on display.

The 13 trucks - all sponsored by local companies - will snake their way through the town, from Leyland railway station to Worden Park.

Finished pieces of the Leyland Truck Trail, ready to be put in place

Finished pieces of the Leyland Truck Trail, ready to be put in place

The aim is to celebrate Leyland’s industrial heritage and to inspire a future generation of skilled workers.

Shane Friend, managing director of Leyland-based marketing agency Stone Create, who came up with the idea, said:“I’m so proud that we have now reached the stage where we are close to launching the Truck Trail and we’re excited to be able to share the trucks with the local community when they are situated around Leyland next month. . “To see my initial idea for a Truck Trail come to life was incredibly rewarding and I cannot wait to see them all be craned into place.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Leyland and one that I am incredibly humbled to be part of.”

Each truck has been manufactured from a welded steel frame and designed around a vehicle produced by Leyland Trucks,.

They will be unveiled to the public in April and the businesses that sponsor the trucks will get to keep them after the Truck Trail finishes in September.

Work is currently ongoing to create the interactive aspect of the trail.

An app is being developed so that people who want to know more about each truck can watch a video of the sponsors introducing it.

Part of the sponsorship money generated will fund an education programme in schools throughout the borough to teach children about careers opportunities in advanced manufacturing and engineering. School children will also be given the chance to design the 14th truck – based on the idea of ‘truck of the future.’

Mr Friend added: “It’s been great to gain the support of the 13 sponsor companies who are all as passionate about the project as we are.

“Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to work alongside our partners at South Ribble Council and Leyland Trucks, but one of the biggest things for us is the scope of the project to engage and inform young people with local heritage and engineering.”