‘Truck Trail’ plans still on track for town

South Ribble Truck Trail
South Ribble Truck Trail
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Plans to install a ‘Truck Trail’ through Leyland are back on the agenda.

Leyland’s Town Team, a group of local businesses and community groups who want to improve the area, is looking to breathe new life into the proposal which was first mooted in 2012 as part of a ‘Portas Pilot’ town regeneration bid.

The idea is to boost footfall in the area with a series of model buses and trucks placed in strategic locations leading from the Railway Station to Worden Park, in a similar fashion to London’s Paddington Bear Trail.

In August 2013, South Ribble Council boasted that ‘Something Big Is Coming’ and revealed exciting plans for a Truck Trail to be developed in the town.

The project, a joint effort between Wild In Art, which created colourful sculptures in other towns and cities to boost tourism, was also set to celebrate Leyland’s industrial heritage. The council appealed for businesses to get behind the venture, and produced a small-scale model of what one of the truck sculptures could look like.

But in 2014, it confirmed that there was no money earmarked for the scheme.

But now Isobel Pickering, chairman of the Town Team, said the idea is not dead.

She said: “It’s still on our project plan, it’s definitely not been forgotten about.

“But it all depends on a lot of other factors - there would need to be a lot of resources going into it, it would need much more than the Town Team’s involvement.

“We’re going to talk more about it next month, because we’re quite passionate about the idea, with it celebrating the area’s heritage and getting people to come in in from wider areas, increasing footfall and having an impact on the local economy.

“I think it would be brilliant, but it’s about the timetable and pooling resources.”

The last time the Truck Trail was suggested, it was thought there would be 25 models, each with its own name and distinctive appearance, with schools, businesses and groups helping to design their own trucks.

South Ribble Council said although it was now not part of the intiative, it would support the project.